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An important aspect of any ATC training throughout the world represents the fact that the theoretical knowledge must be shaped into practice. The safest and most effective way to do it is a simulator which allows trainees to carry out the control task realistically without any risk to flight safety.

There is no formulae or algorithm for controlling aircrafts. In real life there is no second try to see which solution will work best. That should have been done in training and is the reason for the existence of a simulator, to see and try again, to correct mistakes and improve. Repetitio est mater studiorum.

We implemented full record and replay for each exercise and, most important, resume feature. The trainees and instructors can playback records and track mistakes. Anytime during playback the exercise can be resumed for a better solution finding or simply skills improvement by repeating a particular task. The replay feature can also be used by instructor to exemplify different traffic situations.

For each trainee and a simulator position, one instructor is needed to teach and provide feedback. He will monitor the trainee's mistakes pointing what was wrong and why was wrong. Sometimes instructors are in short supply and this is when we come in. Our product feedback capabilities can substitute the instructor in different stages of training allowing increased training time for each trainee and better course management.

Feedback is provided by monitoring the exercise and subtracting points for each mistake. At the end of the exercise, the trainee will see where he was wrong and what has to improve. The instructor can customize exercises so that particular tasks weight more making the exercises task specific according to the training stage.

The principles of ATC are the same in each and every corner of the sky. Nevertheless, each ATC centre is different than the others. Its actual and future technology, its procedures, its training style makes each centre unique. Therefore a simulator should reflect the operating environment of each control centre and be ready to integrate new technologies when upgrades are required.

The centre changes must be also tested prior to be validated for operational use and the controller must become familiar to the new environment. Because of that the availability of an off-line environment, for evaluation and experimentation of such intended changes, it is proved to be a necessity.

The actual product is modular built, allowing that each customer can ask for a particular interface which suits him best and reflect its operational environment, tools for increased teaching capabilities of its training centre, or other features that he will consider appropriate. We integrated high customization capabilities to our products to fulfill more increasing demands and a closer similarity with each particular environment



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